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To be in the countryside in full nature, is not necessarily synonymous with inactivity and isolation


Water sports :

Saint Florent is a 20 minutes drive and proposes you all kinds of nautical activities.



Piève could be a cradle of l humanity in Corsica; indeed, on its communal territory superb Menhirs currently exposed on the place of l'église were found. If archaeological curiosity animates you, of the sites megalithic are near Saint Florent. More recent, the Romance churches of Nebbio can be l'occasion to discover l'ensemble of the micro area to foot or in the car, various circuits enabling you to furrow the superb villages.


Hiking -

Ogliastrella is located deep into mapped paths using the old mule tracks connecting the villages’ neighborhood.  These two to three hours will enable you to discover the superb Roman chapels of the Pisanic period.  For excursions over one day you will be able to hike along  the custom path which cross the littoral of the Agriates Desert, the "chemin des Crêtes" of the Corsica Cape, or of course  the mythical GR. 20, without speaking about the "Mara a Mare"  of the Corsica  Regional Natural Park.  




Culture -

Piève could be the starting point of humanity in Corsica; indeed, in this commune, superb Menhirs currently exposed on the church square were found.  If archaeological curiosity animates you, megalithic sites are close to Saint Florent.  From a more recent period, the Romance churches of Nebbio can be the chance to discover the micro-region on foot or by car, various excursions enabling you to visit the superb villages.



Botany –

A small arboretum around your house will enable you to familiarize yourselves with the Mediterranean flora



 For the Children -

A swing and an adventure playground are also available under the responsibility of their parents


Gastronomy -

Many inns and restaurants propose authentic cooking, but it is absolutely necessary to stop at Jean Laurent's in Piève during guitar evenings.


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